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Quality Precast Tanks You Can Count On!

When there is a need to keep sewer systems running smoothly, precast grease interceptor tanks are the dependable product solution. Precast concrete grease interceptor vaults are manufactured with a divider to separate grease from water before allowing the water to continue on to the septic system or sewage lines. Typical applications are near a roadway or parking lot with commercial kitchens or anywhere a large amount of grease or oil and water are commingled.

These precast grease interceptor tanks have been specially designed by Diamond Precast to perform to the highest standards. Each precast grease interceptor tank has been built with rebar that exceeds ATSM standards and is built in a two-piece mid-seam concrete tank. All Diamond Precast Interceptors come with an interior coating of Conseal CS-55 or CS-90, dependent upon application. All interceptors are equipped with a 3” schedule 40 vent coupling cast in an exterior wall.

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